Just had Surgery?


Will the required level of care and monitoring for complete healing be possible from home?
What if there are complications and I am unable to take timely action?
Will other medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes, etc., affect recovery?

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Why do you need post-operative care?


The major concern for surgeons, hospitals and patients is that no patient develops any complications after surgery, especially when they are recovering at home.


It is vital that the co-existing medical conditions are properly monitored and any deterioration detected early and treated promptly.


The most common reason for readmission is the deterioration of co-existing medical conditions that the patient has at the time of surgery (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, etc.), which can result in life-threatening situations.

Our main goals of post-operative healing at home are

Quick recovery and comprehensive healing

Prevention and reduction of complications

Prevention of rehospitalisation

Control of co-existing medical conditions such as blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.

Proper supervision of medication and diet

Wound care/Rehabilitation and exercises

How We Achieve These Goals?

Catex Health’s Post-op Hub has been designed to ensure that post-operative patients are monitored 24×7 in real time by trained nurses.

Any complication is detected early and prompt remedial measures initiated, thereby enhancing recovery and healing. All this is accomplished under the supervision and instructions of the patients own treating doctor.

We Offer All Of The Following As Part Of Post-Operative Healing

24×7, real-time monitoring of blood
pressure, ECG, blood oxygen level,
temperature, heart rate and respiration rate



Daily call by Catex Health Nurse to enquire about
general well-being, symptoms, diet, medication, etc.

Integration of vitals like weight, blood sugar,
blood pressure, ecg,blood oxygen,temperature, heart rate
and respiration rate into the patient’s record



Nurse guidance and support for family as per
doctor’s advice, incase a problem is detected

Video consultation with treating doctor



Treating doctor has access to all patient data
can be contactedover the video call.

Education of patient and family on
patient’s condition and requirements


Getting Connected To The Catex Post-op Hub Ensures

How Does Catex Diabetes Hub Work?


Evaluation and treatment advice by treating doctor

The treating doctor will update your clinical record, surgery details and post-operative instructions in your Catex Post-op Hub. This includes:

  • Detailed medical history
  • Description of surgery/procedure
  • Post-operative care instructions
  • Recording of base line clinical parameters
  • Current therapy, pharmaceutical and
    surgical (pacemaker or ICD ICD/CRT)
  • Other medication advice
  • Diet prescription

Home management

Daily monitoring and documentation of history by Catex Health Nurses in patient’s record


Clinical parameters monitoring and real-time integration in patient record

The patient is provided with a six-parameter monitor, weighing machine, SpO2 monitor, BP monitor and glucometer, depending on the requirement.

Catex Health Nurses will install these at the patient’s home, and a smart device will record and integrate the following readings in the patient’s record as and when required:

  • Blood sugar
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • ECG
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Temperature
  • SpO2

In case of any alarm based on treating doctor’s advice, the following courses of action are available:

  • Nurse will guide the patient’s family on immediate action to be taken as per documented doctor’s advice
  • Nurse will call the treating doctor and ask for further course of treatment (if any)
  • Nurse will assist and book a video consultation with the treating doctor.
  • Patient can also book a video consultation with the treating doctor
There are many studies proving the benefits of monitoring. To know more about them, please click here .

Validation and Resources

Amongst many scientific studies proving the benefits of monitoring, the
following two studies are quoted for reference:

British Medical Journal(BMJ)

According to a study published in December 2013 edition of the prestigious British Medical Journal(BMJ), post-discharge care should focus attention..

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VOX Telehealth

A pilot study conducted by VOX Telehealth‘s and Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond US on the role of Tele health technologies in reducing post ..

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