Increase growth & profit
Our experienced team of Doctors & Hospital Leaders design customised solutions that include:
  • A Marketing strategy & Plan based on awareness, patient education & engagement
  • Technology platform to Integrate all activities- ATL/BTL/Digital
  • Cutting edge Ai technology to increase Enquiries/ Conversions/ WOM/ Physician referrals
  • Targeted campaigns based on patient personas
  • Completely transparent system for reviewing ROI
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Establish A New Hospital
Our team of experienced Hospital Leaders make business plans that define :
  • Nature of Clinical Services based on your vision and the market
  • Infrastructure plan- Architect’s brief for facility/Medical & Non medical equipment
  • Human Resource plan
  • Complete Financial plan with Forecasts
  • Support capital and investment requirements from banks/Investors
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Establish A New Medical Practice
Our team of experienced Doctors document business plans that defines:
  • Services offered in clinic based on Specialty & Vision
  • Infrastructure plan-Clinic/Medical & Non medical equipment
  • Financial Forecasts with capital requirement
  • Support Capital requirement from banks
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Financial Turnaround of a Hospital
Our Team Advises & Supports On Ground Execution to:
  • Enhance Revenue by revamping Medical services & Marketing
  • Cut cost by eliminating waste
  • Establish systems and processes to sustain
  • Train staff and employees
  • Implement Technology-based solutions
  • Support access to capital from Banks/investors
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Choose Your Partner Wisely
  • Your consultant or vendor is your partner in your success, look for the following must haves:
  • Experience of actually leading, managing hospitals and practice
  • Team not individual with Clinical, Technology, Marketing and Financial expertise
  • Provides a road map and plan for execution
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