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Welcome to Catex Health Hub
Your Connected Care Solution!
Catex Health enables doctors to treat their patients
using cutting-edge technology.

Doctors can use Catex Health Hub to provide the following services to their patients:

Online video consultations

  • Provide follow-up consultations to your patients
  • Convert unscheduled phone calls into scheduled consultations
  • Expand your practice by accessing new patients across geographies
  • Provide second opinions

Treat chronic diseases and manage post-op patients

  • Enhance patients’ clinical safety by treating them at their homes
  • Conveniently track patient’s vitals and symptoms in real time online
  • Monitor post-op and chronically ill stable patients remotely
  • Reduce complications with 24/7 monitoring by Catex Health Hub nurses

Enhanced Patient Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Use our platform to communicate with patients
  • Expand your public visibility through our targeted marketing
  • Keep engaged with patients through digital marketing (personalised Emails, Social media posts, etc.)
  • Provide patients with complete knowledge and updates about their health and their diseases through newsletters

Practice/Clinic management software

  • Manage your practice online with our free Practice/Clinic Management software (no download or installation required)
  • Run your clinic from any location (even from your phone)
  • Stay connected with your patients—anytime, anywhere
  • View patients’ reports and records online anywhere

Plug into the Catex Health Hub

  • Free Online Practice management
  • Integrated Smart Devices
  • Vitals Tracking
  • Symptom Monitoring
  • Daily Calls by Nurses
  • Nurse Guidance and Support for Family
  • Video Consultation with Treating Doctor

Surgeons can extend post-discharge care to patients with comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Gynaecologists can monitor and manage high-risk pregnancies while the patient is at home, including conditions such aspreeclampsia toxaemia and diabetes.

Cardiologists can manage congestive heart failure while the patient is at home.

Pulmonologists and intensivists can manage post-discharge COPD patients while they are at home.

Physicians can effectively improve their patient’s compliance on medication, testing, diet for diabetics, hypertensives, etc..

No charge for doctors

The doctor does not have to pay any charges to use the Catex Health Hub.

The patient pays for the services they use, while doctors are paid for providing consultation and advice – as per their own fees structure.

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